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Dolichosigma is characterized by an unclear etiology. It can be congenital, and caused by a number of factors, among which the most significant are. Genetic predisposition. The impact of unfavorable conditions on the embryonic development of uroxatral pills. Past infections and taking certain medications during pregnancy.

Dystrophy of the mucous membrane. Overgrowth of muscle tissue. Disturbances in the structure of the mesentery. According to buy alfuzosin online, dolichosigma is always congenital, and the manifestation of its manifestations occurs due to problematic digestion and anatomical defects. Until now, proctologists cannot come to a consensus on whether dolichosigma is a defect or is considered normal. Causes and non-surgical treatment of intestinal dolichosigma. Prolonged constipation, the number of which increases over time. There may be no stool for a week, and sometimes even a month. Stagnation of feces leads to poisoning of the body. Pain with difficult localization. It intensifies over time. Flatulence. Bloating. Problems with appetite.

It begins with an examination of the patient by a doctor who collects data on complaints, operations and previous diseases. Thanks to the analysis of family history, the specialist determines the genetic predisposition to anomalies in the structure of the sigmoid. The doctor palpates the abdomen and, if pathology is present, detects pain in the area to the left of the navel.


Laboratory diagnostic methods make it possible to evaluate the composition of blood and feces, which can already be used to judge the presence of inflammatory processes, hemoglobin levels, and the concentration of basic microelements. Of the instrumental diagnostic methods are prescribed. Sigmoidoscopy with visualization of the mucous membrane of the lower parts of the digestive canal. Colonoscopy with examination and biopsy of the intestinal wall. Irrigography with contrast to identify its narrowed or expanded areas. X-ray examination with detection of uroxatral sigma loops. Ultrasound and multislice computed tomography.


Compensated, with pain in the lower abdomen due to periodic constipation lasting 3 days. The patient's condition improves after taking laxatives and following a diet. Subcompensionable, characterized by flatulence and constant constipation. Enema and medications with a laxative effect help. Decompensated, which is characterized by delayed defecation for up to a week, bloating, accompanied by constant severe pain. The consequence of poisoning of the body is skin lesions with the appearance of pustules, nausea, and lack of appetite. Relief occurs after a siphon enema.

Irritable bowel syndrome, accompanied by abdominal discomfort, flatulence and other functional digestive disorders. Skin rashes. Anemia. Weight loss. Problems with intestinal patency. Cracks in the walls of the stomach and bleeding. The formation of dense, dry fecal stones from stagnant feces, which makes independent defecation difficult. Poisoning of the body with toxic products of decay due to buy uroxatral online reabsorption into the blood. Treatment of dolichosigmoid intestines.


Therapy begins with determining the clinical stage of the disease and registering the patient with a dispensary. The treatment regimen consists of repeated courses and is carried out conservatively if there is no threat to the life and health of the patient. In case of hypotension of the digestive canal, the doctor prescribes. Prozerin course of 2-3 weeks, taking vitamins B6, B12, E and C, reflexology, electrical stimulation of the large intestine (consisting of 15 procedures, one each day).


If necessary, treatment in adults is carried out using sleeping pills and sedatives, as well as antispasmodics (No-spa and Platyfillin), defoamers, pre- and probiotics, prokinetics, saline laxatives to get alfuzosin pills stool volume. To consolidate the achieved positive results, treatment in specialized sanatorium-resort complexes is recommended.